What Benefits Can Unified Communications Bring To Your Business?

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Collaborative Working using Unified Communications

It is clear when we look at Dolce & Gabanna and the famous Lennon and McCartney that when communication is effective the benefits are amazing. It is the aim of every business to employ a workforce which is able to work collaboratively through great communication to develop new and exciting ideas.

However, poor communication within a team is very common and it can often have a negative impact on a business’s success. An Econsultancy report published in 2012 found that 96% of executives believed poor communication was the cause of their workplace failures. So how do we improve communication and steer businesses towards success?

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What are the main benefits of Unified Communication?

Even in businesses where a team is working collaboratively poor communication can limit the development of the business. For example, unorganised emails within a team can lead to vast numbers of wasted hours each week.

Without a unified communications system in place, essential information is easily lost through isolated channels such as phone calls, emails or even hand-written notes in diaries. As the information begins to mount, it can soon become difficult to work out where the key information lies, and the ability to communicate efficiently is quickly impacted.

How can Unified Communications assist collaborative working?

A system which is designed to support multiple authors will quickly feel like second nature to those in the team. The system will allow individuals to edit content within the same shared file while saving changes and recording who made the amendments. There is also a useful comments feature, which will allow participants to provide instantaneous feedback.

The file can be easily stored within an online file sharing system, which is accessible by all employees. This will allow everyone in the team to access the file regardless of their location, which will open the doors to collaboration via long-distance relationships. The system has worked perfectly within many environments, for example within retail the improved collaboration has enabled stockrooms to communicate with the shop floor.

What benefits will collaborative working bring to a business?

A well-known example of a successful unified collaborative system is within the worldwide computer business, Dell. Their ‘Connected Workplace’ programme was set up in 2012—within 4 years it saved the company over $45 million and 19,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The 'Connected Workplace' programme is designed to use collaborative working solutions to increase collaboration opportunities and flexibility within the team. The system uses virtual workplaces and presence systems to enable employees to work remotely where an internet connection is available. The online file sharing system integrates seamlessly to enable long-distance teams to work together on numerous projects.

Could your business benefit from collaborative working?

Dell acts a great example to all companies, regardless of size and industry. By assisting their employees to work with flexibility and encouraging collaboration across the business, productivity was increased by 20%. Even the simplest collaboration tools can be effectively incorporated into an existing IT workplace system, with many businesses reporting a rapid improvement in employees willingness to collaborate as a team.

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