SIP Trunking and Its Benefits

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While many businesses who have used telecommunications in the past will be familiar with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), current trends in technology mean that these systems, along with their analog lines, are disappearing. Instead, PSTN is rapidly becoming replaced by the much more modern, flexible and secure SIP Trunks.

Throughout the UK, ISDN lines, the original lines which PSTN ran on, have been cut by 1.7 million within the last 10 years down to only 3 million lines. They are being phased out by all the big telecommunications networks and infrastructure providers such as BT, KPN, and France Telecom, all in favour of SIP Trunks.Find out why a Unified Communications solution is important to your  organisation. Get valuable insights Now →

What is SIP trunking?

SIP Trunks are the new phone line trunks which are delivered over IP using SIP protocols. By using this standardised protocol, VoIP and other telecom services and providers can connect multiple client channels together through a variety of mediums through the internet. Therefore communication is not limited to person to person calling; it can include conference calling, video calling and real-time messaging too. All phone and other account connection numbers are stored in the SIP Trunk, allowing it to act as a single box which houses all the different methods people can use to connect with you.

What are the benefits of SIP trunking? 

Moving from a PSTN to a SIP Trunk will bring about many benefits, both for your daily use and for your company. These include:

SIP costing 

1. Lower call charges

Providers often offer far lower call charges through SIP deals, and competition between providers is continuing to lower these prices. Many providers will also offer unlimited local calling, too, along with special deals on international calls.

2. Lower line rentals

Competition has also affected the prices of line rental too, bring it down below previous levels under PSTN.

3. Better quality of calls

Not only are your voice calls likely to be of a far higher quality, but you can also be assured that the quality of other services will be high too. Many providers pride themselves on their speed and connections, so that video calling and real-time instant messaging can all be undertaken without any compromise to the quality of your communications.  

4. Better customer service

Providers will also pride themselves on customer service. Since the technology between providers is very similar, companies are needing to distinguish themselves in other ways – in particular, price and customer service. If you can find a provider who excels in both, then you will find that your efficiency and productivity will dramatically increase through having a SIP Trunking system.

5. Flexibility

SIP Trunks are not bound to a single geographic location, so if your business moves offices, or even region you will be able to keep your number. This removes a huge amount of hassle for your business, allowing the move to have little to no effect on your daily communications.

At Immervox, we pride ourselves on offering our customers with high-quality SIP, ISDN, IP Telephony and other communications services and solutions. For more information and expert advice have a chat with one of our solutions experts so we can help you.

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