How Cloud Computing is Changing the Business World in Surprising Ways

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Many companies are rapidly incorporating cloud technology and cloud solutions into their business models. 2018 has shown that companies are now more than ever investing in cloud computing due to the improved operations and increases in productivity and efficiency that it brings, while also allowing employees to work remotely and collaborate from anywhere.

At Immervox, we have been helping businesses with cloud computing solutions for years, and our experts are well aware of how this technology is changing the business world in surprising ways. Here are some of the key points they have found.Find out why a Unified Communications solution is important to your  organisation. Get valuable insights Now →

1. Customers are supported more effectively

Although many people are aware of the direct benefits that cloud solutions bring businesses, they have also had a significant impact on customers and customer support too. Instead of having employees operating phones between 9 and 5, cloud systems have allowed customers to be able to find answers to questions and purchases items around the clock without needing to interface with a real person. Cloud systems also provide ease and flexibility, so that customers can make these purchases through laptops, tablets and even their mobile phone, as well as using all of these devices to connect with the company in question, should they need any help or advice.

2. It's helping the rise of remote working 

Remote working is increasing within the business world, and one of the main reasons this has happened is due to the ease of working away from the office provided by cloud solutions. Not only does the cloud mean that you can still access the essential programmes needed for your job, but you can also access files and information from your office, as well as being able to communicate and collaborate on projects in real time.

3. Internal infrastructure costs have reduced significantly

Given the rise of remote working, combined with the reduced need to house serves within the building thanks to cloud processes, the amount of money spent by businesses on internal technology infrastructure has reduced significantly. This has paved the way for many new start-up companies in the technology industry, as they no longer have to deal with these initially high infrastructure prices hindered entry into the market.

4. The importance of data security is still a priority

Despite the increased technology and incorporation of new systems into the cloud, security remains one of the top priorities of any cloud provider, as well as the businesses using these services. Due to the economies of scale that cloud companies receive, however, they are able to provide high levels of security while also constantly investing in more. Given the new GDPR legislation and the ever-increasing number of ransomware attacks on SMEs, security remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds, regardless of the advances in technology.

At Immervox, we pride ourselves on offering a whole range of cloud services for your company, which can be specifically tailored to suit your business needs. By fully engaging with our clients, we ensure that we create a package designed for you, helping your business to get the most out of its’ new cloud services. For more information and expert advice have a chat with one of our solutions experts so we can help you.

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