The technologies that IT professionals pick are directly contributing to the performance of our businesses. More organisations are realising the importance of implementing a digital transformation strategy that delivers a better customer experience, drives growth and enhances customer satisfaction; while improving productivity and efficiency for their employees.

Join us for this free event with industry-leading speakers and roundtable discussions as we put the spotlight on digital telecoms transformation. We’ll examine the anatomy of a successful transformation journey and review other essential considerations for managing change.

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But the story of change is not always a fairytale; there's a big bad wolf to this story. Keeping customers' data safe and secure is paramount in the age of big data and digital experiences.

New regulations are enforcing compliance upon us - and our telecoms systems need to be watertight. PCI-DSS v3.2 becomes the standard as of February 2018, and the GDPR follows months after.



How to Keep Your Customers' Personal Data Secure

  • How to keep your customer’s sensitive data secure over the telephone
  • Implement a digital transformation that is fully PCI-DSS compliant

The Digital Transformation Journey in Telecoms

  • Telecoms is essential to the digital journey of your customers
  • Put customer experience first
  • Exceed your growth and satisfaction targets

The Importance of Unified Communications in Your Digital Telecoms Transformation Journey

  • Unified Communications is changing the way businesses work - it's more efficient and enables higher levels of productivity
  • Foster further collaboration between you, your employees, clients and customers
  • The latest innovations in UC technologies, including secure payments and Hosted Centrex

How Does the GDPR Affect Your Customer Touchpoints?

Interactive roundtable discussion

  • The impending GDPR has the potential to disrupt your current customer journeys
  • Any organisation that carries the data of EU citizens face major regulatory change
  • The new PCI-DSS standard, effective February, will force organisations to implement digital transformation to keep compliant

Digital Telecoms Transformation in a Contact Centre Environment

Interactive roundtable discussion

  • Implementing change in a strategically vital area of your organisation can seem risky
  • We'll dive deep into how you can implement a digital transformation with minimal disruption and great results

How to Implement a Digital Telecoms Transformation Strategy

Interactive roundtable discussion

  • Planning and managing change is tough and you're almost certain to face roadblocks
  • Ask our experts about the challenges you face to digital transformation and start delivering efficiency gains