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With an increasing focus on remote workers and people working from home, it is becoming increasingly necessary to ensure that your staff have a comprehensive business mobile plan to assist with their everyday business communications. While some people may just make do with an ordinary mobile phone, there are a number of options out there that will give you far better telecom solutions and will offer additional features that will help you to meet your everyday business needs.


1. Business mobile broadband

Allowing your employees to connect all of their devices to the internet via a high-speed mobile system means they can be linked to the internet wherever they are. This means that projects can always be collaborated on, deadlines can be met and employees can be in constant contact with the rest of their team. At Immervox, our business mobile broadband offers a 4G connection for 99% of the UK.

2. Sim only contracts

If you already have the physical hardware, your business needs the flexibility to take out sim only contracts too. If you are looking to change provider or contract without paying for a new device, find a company that offers sim only solutions with deals just as good as their combination packages. That way you know that you have the flexibility to completely meet your business needs.

3. MultiVox Multisim

If your employees frequently travel around the UK, then they are likely to know that different areas are served better by different phone networks. By having a Multisim installed in your phone, you can access several different networks all from the same sim, allowing you to find service wherever you are, meaning bad service is a thing of the past.

4. Flexibility on data setting

If you are looking to provide mobile solutions across different departments, then adjusting your data allowances between departments, and even positions, can be a great way to manage your costs. Finding a provider who can guarantee that much flexibility may be difficult, but Immervox keeps their customers at the forefront of our minds. We even offer flexibility on contract lengths between department mobile services too, allowing you to take complete control of your package.


Immervox offer a whole range of additional features for mobile business solutions, with the features above being just a few of the benefits we can provide you with. Check out our full list here.

Along with mobile services, Immervox also provide customers with a range of cloud and unified communications services. By discussing your individual needs, we can help you to create a bespoke and tailored package to cover everything that your business needs. For more information, let's chat here.

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