8 Ways Cloud-Based Solutions are Transforming Businesses

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Cloud-Based solutions

In an increasingly technological world, revolutionary solutions and processes are constantly changing the way that businesses operate. A significant phenomenon that has disrupted companies’ computing habits over the last decade - and which continues to gain traction - is the cloud.

Cloud solutions allow businesses to effectively ‘outsource’ their computing capabilities and storage to internet-based services. A 2018 report by business insights provider Forrester concluded that 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to cloud-based solutions, and that the adoption of cloud services is growing across the board.

So what exactly are the main benefits of cloud-based solutions?

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Automated software updates

The lengthy process of installing new software when your current platforms become slow and outdated is removed with cloud-based solutions. Suppliers automatically update their software, meaning that your business benefits from the fastest and most powerful computing tools without the hassle of having to manually load new software onto your devices.

Improved back-up and recovery

Data loss due to hardware malfunctions is hugely frustrating and can slow your business operations drastically. With the cloud, businesses can rest assured that should disaster strike, lost work can easily be recovered, and normal business operations can resume.

No up-front capital expenditure 

Cloud-based solutions are particularly useful for new businesses that don’t have the capital to invest in high-cost computing technology. The cloud is a subscription-based service, meaning that businesses can enjoy its benefits on a pay-as-you-go basis, helping them to drive costs down and successfully operate in the stringent early days.

Work collaboration made simple 

All members of a team can share and edit work with the cloud, making every document a living piece of work that can constantly be analysed and improved through collaboration. Updates to documents are shared in real-time throughout the team, so each member is kept fully up-to-speed.

Operating flexibility 

Businesses only need to subscribe to the services they require at any given time, so that as they expand, so can the size of their cloud-based operations. This brings the flexibility of not having to predict how much computing capacity will be needed; businesses are able to match their computing demand with the right quantity and quality of solutions, offering a degree of agility unavailable without access to the cloud. 

Increased accessibility 

Cloud-based services can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This means that businesses can become more flexible, no longer tethered to hardware in an office. Employees can work from home when necessary - increasing a business’s productivity by offering flexibility and a healthier work/life balance.

Enhanced security 

Lost or stolen laptops can be a major headache for companies that deal with sensitive data. Switching to cloud-based solutions and storing data on the internet rather than on hard drives means that businesses can easily reduce this risk.

Better for the environment 

Switching to the cloud means that the need for energy-consuming hardware is drastically reduced. With increased pressure on businesses to exercise their corporate social and environmental responsibility, switching to cloud-based computing is an easy way to reduce your company’s power output.


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