6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Technology keeps advancing every day, and this has provided both businesses and consumers with a myriad of benefits. One of the technological advancements the business world has greatly benefited from is cloud computing. Companies can now set up a computer-generated office to acquire even greater flexibility by connecting their employees anywhere, anytime. Moreover, with the increased number of mobile gadgets used in business, like tablets and smartphones, data access is also easier. This post will highlight six benefits of moving your company to the cloud.

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1. Reduces IT expenses

Choosing to move to cloud computing can cut costs that are associated with managing and maintaining your company’s IT systems. Instead of buying expensive equipment and systems, you will minimise expenses; you’ll be using the resources your service provider has. What’s more, your operating costs will be minimised because:

  • You won't be required to pay salaries or wages for expert staff
  • You won't incur the costs of system upgrades
  • Your energy consumption will reduce
  • There will be fewer time delays

2. Business endurance

Data/system protection is an essential part of a company’s continuity plan. When you face power failure, natural disasters, or another crisis, storing your company data in the cloud makes sure it is safe and even backed-up. Moreover, your service provider will help you access data quickly, meaning you will be able to conduct your day to day operations as usual. This will minimise downtime and productivity loss.

3. Scalability

Your company can easily scale down or scale up storage and operation solutions to suit your needs, accommodating flexibility depending on the changes. Instead of procuring and installing the costly upgrades, your service provider will handle this on your behalf. Using cloud solutions will also free up your time, meaning you can continue running your business.

4. Teamwork efficiency

Collaborating in a cloud environment offers your company the capability to share information or communicate easily. If you normally work on various projects across different areas, cloud computing can be used to ensure your employees, contractors or other third parties get the required files. The provider can also offer a model which makes it simple to share records with your company advisers. For instance, this can be a quick and suitable way of sharing accounting records with a financial advisor or accountant.

5. Flexibility of working practices

Through cloud computing, your workers will have more flexibility in their work practices. For instance, any of your employees will be able to access or send company information while on holiday, at home or as they commute to and from work; they only need an internet connection. Also, if anyone requires information and you aren’t on site, you can still link to the virtual office and share the data.

6. Access to automated updates

Access to automatic updates can be included in your cloud service fee although this depends on your IT requirements. Most service providers update the systems with the latest technology regularly to improve the quality of service. This may include upgrades to servers, software, and computer processing power.

The benefits of cloud computing cannot be emphasised enough. Any enterprise that is serious about improving productivity and efficiency must embrace cloud computing sooner rather than later.

To find out more about how you can implement any of these features into your existing IT infrastructure, or how you can fully implement UC with ease today, get in touch!

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