4 Essential Features to Look For in a VoIP Provider

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When it comes to finding the most effective telecommunications solutions for business, VoIP is hard to beat. Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol, it has been adopted by many organisations who have left traditional phone networks behind.

When you see what VoIP offers, it is not hard to understand why. Not only does it offer a far more dynamic and flexible approach to your business telecommunications, but it will also save you money. When you add in the powerful features it has and the ease it gives for remote working, then it is easy to see why it is such a great system.

But to get VoIP installed and then set up to use, you need to first find a telecoms provider to support you. Here are some important things to think about when choosing yours.

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1. Features combined with value

As noted above, VoIP phone systems come armed with a bundle of powerful features, and there may also be some extras that you can pay for on a more expensive monthly deal. However, don't just pay for this in the belief that more money spent equals a better service. If you will never use the fancy extras that you are paying for then you are getting poor value overall. Instead, choose a provider and package that suits what you need and only pay the right amount to reflect this.

2. Customer service

Naturally, you need to find a provider that is committed to offering outstanding customer support. From any technology related queries to questions about your account, you need to find a provider that gives superb levels of service. The best way to do this is by checking out reviews online or simply phoning them up to inquire about VoIP. You will soon get a feel for their service once you have spoken to them for a little while.

3. Security

As an IP telephony system, VoIP can be attacked by malicious hackers looking for security gaps in the same way as your servers can. Unfortunately, this will always happen with technology in business. The key is to find a provider that is serious about network security and making sure they do all they can to protect your business. By selecting a provider that takes this matter as seriously as you do, you are doing all you can to stay safe online.

4. Reliability

This is another very important factor to look at in any VoIP provider. Make sure that they have a robust service level agreement on their website that outlines factors such as disaster recovery processes, what uptime they promise and the quality of their service. Uptime, in particular, is key, as you need to know that their VoIP system gives reliability and will be there to use when your business needs to.


Let Immervox help with your VoIP needs. If you want to know more about VoIP or how to get it installed, give us a call today. As a telecommunications provider with many years of experience, we will deliver on all the points above and help make VoIP work for your business.

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