Getting the most from your budget

9 Steps Towards a More Efficient Business Phone System


The necessity to work within a budget is omnipresent in everybodys working lives, from those working in the IT industry to fish mongers trading at the local market. Budgets are boring and they're never big enough, but they're key to a prosperous business and sucessful career. 

To get the absolute most from any phone system investment, you must get the most from your budget, in this ebook we highlight the 9 simple steps to getting more.

  • Capex vs Opex
  • Utalising existing infrastucture
  • Hybrid Systems 
  • Don't pay for what you don't actually need
  • The importance of a utilisation report 
  • Can upgrading save you money? 
  • Advanced features, do you even need them?
  • Why you should invest in training
  • Have you done your research?
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