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Phone system security has gone from being a controllable concern for just IT professionals, to one of the top priorities for non-IT concerned directors and senior managers. Data breaches can cost companies huge sums of money but what's even more damaging is the affect that they can have upon the reputation of a business.

Inside this exclusive free ebook, find out about:

1. Social Engineering & Hacking

Protect yourself and your colleagues from being deceived by hackers and conmen.

2. SIP Trunk Fraud

What is SIP trunk fraud and how will it affect you? What are the steps to preventing attacks quickly and easily.

3. Cloud Connectivity

The rapid uptake in cloud services in recent years has made them an enticing target for hackers. Find out about account hijacking, DoS attacks and API vulnerabilities and how to protect you and your colleagues.

4. Network Connectivity

Network access points are prime targets for hackers. What can be done to protect your company network?

5. Smartphone Security

The smartphone revolution has introduced a host of problems when it comes to security. Get up-to-date with the latest threats and how to avoid them.

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