Business Voice: Additional Telephone Features Your Business Needs

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Communication lies at the heart of all business transactions. As such, it is essential that your business capitalises on its telephone system and ensures that your internal telecoms infrastructure provides you with all of the functionality you need in order to help your business thrive. Telecoms has moved beyond a standard landline, and your business needs to keep up with the trends to ensure that it doesn’t get left behind!

At Immervox, we deal with clients across a wide range of industries and have created this guide to help you understand more about additional telecoms features that could really help your business.Find out why a Unified Communications solution is important to your  organisation. Get valuable insights Now →

Inbound number protection

By automatically logging the inbound numbers that call you, along with the time of the call, you can be sure that you never lose the details of a potential client again. This feature can also allow you to track the journeys of specific callers and produce reports on call statistics, allowing you to create evidence-based plans on how you can improve the customer journey of those calling your business.


Outbound call transfers 

If your business places lots of international calls, then having a company who manages this can be a great way to save money. By routing your calls through an external provider, you can get a reduction in the cost of these calls, saving you money. Immervox offers their customers a guarantee that using them as an outbound call router will result in savings.

Detailed bill breakdowns

While no business likes receiving a bill, they are a necessity, and are made much easier when they are broken down into their component parts. By allowing you to see what you have spent and where you have spent it, your business will be able to better understand how they are using their telecommunications services and the additional features. An itemised bill will also make the process far more manageable for your accountants further down the road.


24/7/365 support 

Many telecoms solution providers will only offer customer services during the normal working week, despite the vast majority of SMEs and privately-owned businesses operating around the clock. As such, it is important to find a service provider who can guarantee you the support you need at any time of the day or night, reducing the downtime of your business and allowing you to get communicating again as quickly as possible!


At Immervox, we pride ourselves on offering tailored telephone solutions to our clients. For a full list of the ‘Voice’ services offered, check out our websiteor more information and expert advice have a chat with one of our solutions experts so we can help you.

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