Business Telecoms Roundup: January 2017

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Avaya’s Saviour, EE’s Database Woes, BT’s Italian Job and more


We’ve more than dabbled our feet in the New Year and already some of the biggest stories of the past 12 months have reached a conclusion. Keeping up to date with key industry news whilst you’re busy can be a challenge, so in this first edition of our Business Telecoms News Roundup, we’ve got you covered.

January is a busy month for most IT managers. It brings about new budgets, new project deadlines and the work begins to meet company objectives for the year. But don’t let that restrict your view of the outside world — here are January’s top stories for you:



New Time-Saving Tools

For the modern IT manager, a new year isn’t always full of sparkling new projects and clean slates. New initiatives, cost-cutting requirements and investments in new technologies mean that your to-do list is probably as long as your arm, leg and desk. You need a screen just for sticky notes!

We’re dreaming of a future where we can put our focus on the most challenging and effective elements of our job, whilst the most mundane tasks complete themselves. Until then, here are 12 tools you can put to work now to save you time and give you some thinking space.

12 Top Time-Saving Tools for IT Managers >



Bankruptcy: the making of Avaya? 

Flirting with $6bn worth of debt is bound to mean a bad time for everyone involved. But for Avaya, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean we’ve seen the back of them — in fact, early indications show it could very much be their making.

With sizeable profits, creditors will very much is tempted to convert to shareholders over taking a ‘haircut’ offer of a tiny return. Could this rather un-conventional way wiping away debit revolutionise this global telecom giant’s prospects?

Why bankruptcy could be good for Avaya >



EE’s slap on the wrist

Vodafone’s massive fine in October seems to have set a precedent; the size of EE’s £2.7m fine for overcharging customers and breaking two “fundamental” billing rules on separate occasions is now to be expected.

Both firms cited database issues and had difficulties serving refunds to their customers. It’s certainly food for thought, how can we manage customer’s data better to prevent this type of crisis?

The lowdown: why EE got fined >



What set the phablets on fire? 

Samsung’s investigation into the self-combusting Galaxy Note7’s has just been concluded and the underlying and contributing issues have been fully revealed for the first time. 

It has been identified that both batteries — even the one after the initial recall — had very different serous issues.

Galaxy Note7 Infographic >



The Italian Job: BT’s £7bn accounting hole

A mere £7bn was wiped off the value of British Telecoms in the past week. An investigation, which included an independent review by KPMG, found years of “inappropriate” behaviour and poor accounting practice.

Like an overcooked pasta dish, the Italian unit of the firm had been cooking its books for years. This malpractice has investors worried about other activity that could be going on behind closed doors.

The cause of the 18% share plunge >


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