Business Telecoms Roundup: February 2017

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A lot happens in the world of telecoms, even in the shortest month. Here’s our round-up of some of the most interesting and important IT stories in February 2017.

Nokia 3310 Reboot?

Unless you actually still use a Nokia 3310, you will have seen the internet go into meltdown after it was suggested that HMD (the company that now owns the Nokia brand license) may be set to re-release the bulletproof design classic. They have since given us a glimpse of the new handset at Mobile World Congress. Hopefully there’s a way to sync my Snake high-score from 2004...

RIP EU Roaming Fees

The EU’s 28 member states have finally agreed data price caps when roaming abroad. This is great news for holidaymakers and businesses alike as roaming charges will be abolished as of 15th June.

IT Departments Driving Business Innovation

IT departments have been overlooked in the past when it comes to providing real business innovation. This mindset is quickly changing however as companies wake up to the power of technology and IT managers. Read our recent investigation into the role of IT innovation.

Helikites to Take Down Mobile Blackspots


EE announced this month that they will be launching a squadron of ‘helikites’ to help mobile and broadband coverage in blackspots across the UK. These blimps may also be deployed at festivals and other events where users struggle with network connections.

UKFast and Cisco to Address Skills Shortage

UKFast and Cisco have joined forces to create ‘The Cisco Net Academy’. It’s been built to help teachers to produce current and comprehensive curriculums for their students. It’s fantastic to see organisations addressing a digital skills shortage that could potentially be a big problem in coming years.

$350 Wiped off of the Value of Yahoo

After it emerged last year that 1 billion accounts had been compromised in the largest data breach in history, Verizon have adjusted their initial valuation of Yahoo. The deal is still going ahead but not at the initial $4.8 billion agreed price. Yet another reminder of the need to plan for the protection against cyber attacks.

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